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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Ermine relative" corresponds to the answer "MINK." Here is why this clue has this answer:

  1. Similarity in Appearance: Ermine and mink are both small mammals known for their luxurious fur, often used in fashion and clothing.
  2. Familial Relationship: Ermine and mink belong to the same family, Mustelidae, and are closely related species within this family.
  3. Coloration: Both ermines and minks can have a similar white or light-colored winter coat, which adds to the connection between the two as relatives.

Considering these key points, the answer "MINK" perfectly fits the clue "Ermine relative" based on the shared characteristics and relationship between these two animals.

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Definition of "MINK"

a small semiaquatic carnivore resembling the stoat, native to North America and Eurasia. The American mink is widely farmed for its fur, resulting in it becoming naturalized in many parts of Europe.

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