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The solution for the clue "End of some hammers" from Newsday.com crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "End of some hammers" is asking for a specific term or word associated with the final part of certain hammers. In this case, the answer is "CLAW." Here's why:

  • Structure: Most hammers feature two distinct ends: the striking end, typically a flat metal surface for driving nails, and the opposite end, known as the claw, which is curved and designed for pulling out nails or prying apart objects.
  • Function: The claw end of a hammer is crucial for tasks that involve removing nails or separating materials. It provides leverage and a pointed tip that can get underneath fasteners for efficient nail extraction.
  • Visual Identification: When looking at a hammer, the claw end is visually distinctive due to its curved shape, often resembling the claw of a bird or animal. This unique design serves a practical purpose in the hammer's utility.

Therefore, in today's crossword puzzle, "CLAW" is the fitting answer to the clue "End of some hammers" because it accurately refers to the specific part of a hammer primarily used for prying and pulling.

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More Answers:

  • CLAW
  • PEEN

Definition of "CLAW"

a curved pointed horny nail on each digit of the foot in birds, lizards, and some mammals.

Example :
  • the kitten was clawing at Lowell's trouser leg
  • her hands clawed his shoulders
  • his fingers clawed at the air

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