Encroachments where the Colossus stood, we hear Crossword Clue

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue, "Encroachments where the Colossus stood, we hear," led to the answer "INROADS." This answer is a play on words, where the phonetic resemblance between "stood" and "sounds like" is utilized to hint at the correct response. Let's break down why "INROADS" fits this clue:

  1. Encroachments: This word implies a gradual advancement or intrusion into a territory or domain that doesn't belong to the intruder. "Inroads" directly aligns with this concept as it signifies progress made into unfamiliar or contested territory.
  2. Colossus stood: The reference here is to something monumental or massive. By linking this to "we hear," the clue suggests an audial cue. In this context, "stood" phonetically matches with "sounds like," pointing to the similarity between the two words.
  3. INROADS: Combining the notion of advancement and the phonetic hint, "INROADS" emerges as the fitting response. It encapsulates the idea of encroachment and aligns with the auditory connection generated through the wordplay in the clue.

This subtle wordplay demonstrates the intricate nature of crossword puzzles, where clues can merge meanings and sounds to lead solvers to the correct answers. In this case, deciphering the connection between the Colossus, encroachments, and phonetic hints ultimately points towards "INROADS" as the solution.

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The Telegraph - Cryptic8 February 2024INROADS

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