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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Dwellings for detective, say" leads us to the answer "HOMES". Let's break down the clue and its connection to the answer:

1. "Dwellings": This term refers to places where people live or reside. It implies that we are looking for a word related to housing.

2. "for detective": This portion indicates that we should consider a word associated with detectives or investigators. When detectives are assigned to a particular case or area, they often have a base or a place they call home.

3. "say": This word implies that the clue is providing an example or giving an idea of what the answer should be. It suggests that the answer is a word that can represent dwellings specifically for detectives, but it can also apply more broadly.

Taking all these components into account, we arrive at the answer "HOMES". The word "HOMES" can mean places where people live or reside, which aligns with the term "dwellings". Additionally, detectives have their own designated "HOMES" or headquarters where they operate and coordinate their investigations. This answers the clue "Dwellings for detective, say" accurately and concisely.

Therefore, the answer for this crossword clue is "HOMES".

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Mirror cryptic18 November 2023HOMES

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