Drummer Ringo uses a crystal ball? Crossword Clue

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue, "Drummer Ringo uses a crystal ball?" leads us to the answer "STARRGAZES." Here's why this answer fits perfectly:

  • Starr: Refers to Ringo Starr, the famous drummer of The Beatles. This part of the answer is a direct reference to Ringo Starr himself.
  • Gazes: The term "gazes" implies looking steadily and intently, often fixedly. In this context, it humorously suggests that Ringo Starr, as a drummer, is not just gazing but "STARRGAZES," tying in with his name and adding a playful twist to the clue.
  • Crystal ball: The mention of a crystal ball adds a mystical and whimsical element to the clue. Instead of the traditional context of fortune-telling or seeing the future, here it is clever wordplay to indicate Ringo Starr's gaze, in a humorous and creative way.

This combination of references to Ringo Starr, the act of gazing, and the whimsical idea of a crystal ball coming together in "STARRGAZES" highlights the creative and playful nature of crossword clues and their solutions.

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Wall Street Journal17 April 2024STARRGAZES

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