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The solution for the clue "Drink supplied by doctor in the morning" from Daily Cryptic crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Drink supplied by doctor in the morning" and the answer is "DRAM". Let's break down the clue and understand why the answer is "DRAM".

  1. Drink: This clue indicates that we are looking for a type of beverage.
  2. Supplied by doctor: The phrase "supplied by doctor" suggests that the drink is somehow related to the medical field.
  3. In the morning: The phrase "in the morning" provides a time context, hinting that the drink is typically consumed in the morning.

When we consider these clues together, we can deduce that "DRAM" is the answer. Here's the explanation:

  1. A "DRAM" is a small unit of measurement for liquid. In the medical field, it can refer to a single dose of liquid medication that is administered by a doctor.
  2. This measurement is commonly used in the morning when patients take their prescribed medications.
  3. The word "supplied" in the clue suggests that the drink is provided or prescribed by a doctor, reinforcing the connection to medication.

In summary, the answer "DRAM" fits the clue because it represents a small dose of liquid medication generally taken in the morning and supplied by a doctor. Remember, crossword clues can often be clever and require some creative thinking to find the correct answer!

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Definition of "DRAM"

a small drink of whisky or other spirits

Example :
  • a wee dram to ward off the winter chill

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