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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Dreamy" sleep stage: Abbr. The answer for this clue is "REM".

The acronym "REM" stands for Rapid Eye Movement, which refers to the sleep stage characterized by quick and random movement of the eyes. This stage is associated with vivid dreaming and is one of the key stages of the sleep cycle.

Here are some reasons why this clue has the answer "REM":

  • "Dreamy" sleep stage: The term "dreamy" indicates that the clue is related to a specific sleep stage that is associated with dreaming. Among the different stages of the sleep cycle, REM sleep is specifically known as the stage where most dreaming occurs.
  • Abbr.: The abbreviation in the clue indicates that the answer should be a shortened form. In this case, "REM" is the abbreviation for Rapid Eye Movement.
  • Sleep stage: The clue explicitly mentions a sleep stage, narrowing down the possible answers to terms related to sleep cycles and stages. "REM" is a widely recognized term in the field of sleep science.

Considering these points, it becomes clear that "REM" is the correct answer for the clue "Dreamy" sleep stage: Abbr. It accurately captures the essence of the clue, indicating the specific sleep stage associated with vivid dreaming.

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Definition of "REM"

a unit of effective absorbed dose of ionizing radiation in human tissue, loosely equivalent to one roentgen of X-rays.

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