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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, the clue "Down in the dumps" leads us to the answer "SAD". Let's explore why this answer matches the clue perfectly:

  1. Emotional state: The term "down in the dumps" is a colloquial expression that refers to feeling sad or gloomy. It suggests a low mood, lacking happiness or enthusiasm. The word "sad" fits this description perfectly, as it directly represents a feeling of sorrow or unhappiness.
  2. Synonym: Another important aspect to consider is the synonymy between the clue and the answer. "Down in the dumps" and "sad" are closely related in meaning. Each phrase describes a state of unhappiness or melancholy.
  3. Contextual understanding: Crossword puzzles often rely on contextual clues and common phrases. "Down in the dumps" is a well-known idiom used in everyday language to convey a mood of sadness or depression. Its meaning is widely recognized, making "sad" an appropriate answer that aligns with this well-known expression.
  4. Clue length: The clue "Down in the dumps" is concise and straightforward. It matches the answer "sad" in terms of length. This clue doesn't require a multi-word answer, ensuring that "sad" is a suitable response.
  5. Crossword symmetry: Crossword creators strive for symmetry in their puzzles. The answer "sad" fits seamlessly within the puzzle's grid, maintaining the symmetry and coherence required for a well-designed crossword.

Considering all these factors, the answer "SAD" perfectly corresponds to the clue "Down in the dumps." The word "sad" accurately captures the meaning, synonymy, and context of the clue, making it the fitting solution for this crossword puzzle.

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More Answers:

  • SAD
  • BLUE
  • GLUM
  • LOW

Definition of "SAD"

feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy

Example :
  • I was sad and subdued
  • they looked at her with sad, anxious faces
  • he told her the sad story of his life

  •  The Crossword clue "Down in the dumps" published 185 time/s & has 14 answer/s. 
    Daily POP15 February 2024SAD
    Crossword Champ Pro29 December 2023BLUE
    Crossword Explorer26 November 2023SAD
    Universal13 November 2023SAD
    USA Today5 November 2023SAD
    Wall Street Journal21 October 2023SAD
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