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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Dodge new ship to Venus, say" leads us to the answer "GODDESS". Let's break down the clue to understand why this answer fits.

  1. Dodge: In this context, "dodge" serves as a verb, meaning to evade or avoid. It suggests that we need to find a word associated with avoiding or escaping something.
  2. New: "New" is an adjective indicating freshness or recentness. It implies that we need to consider a word that refers to something recent or modern.
  3. Ship: This noun points us towards the concept of a vessel used for transportation across water. It hints that we need to think of a word related to ships or sea travel.
  4. To Venus, say: The phrase "to Venus, say" is a way of indicating that we should find a word that relates to Venus. The word "say" suggests that Venus is just an example or placeholder, and we need to consider other similar entities.

Putting these clues together, we can conclude that "Dodge new ship to Venus, say" is hinting at a word that combines the ideas of evasion or avoidance with something recent or modern, ship-related, and associated with Venus. The answer that fits all these criteria is "GODDESS."

A "goddess" is a female deity, often representing various aspects of beauty, power, love, or fertility. In mythology, goddesses are often depicted as powerful and divine beings worthy of reverence. The reference to Venus, which is a Roman goddess associated with love and beauty, strengthens the connection between the clue and the answer.

Remember, crossword clues are crafted to be clever and sometimes require reading between the lines. In this case, the clue "Dodge new ship to Venus, say" cleverly leads us to the answer "GODDESS" by combining evasion, modernity, ships, and Venus. Crossword puzzles challenge our linguistic and analytical skills, and solving them provides a source of entertainment and cognitive exercise for the mind. Enjoy your time solving the crossword!

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Definition of "GODDESS"

a female deity

Example :
  • Athena Nike, goddess of victory
  • he had an affair with a screen goddess

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