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The clue "Disney's wide-eyed baby deer" leads us to the answer "BAMBI" for several reasons:

  1. Disney Character: Bambi is a well-known character from the Disney animated movie of the same name, released in 1942. The character Bambi is indeed a wide-eyed baby deer.
  2. Identifying Feature: It's essential to note that Bambi, being a fawn (baby deer), is characterized by its innocent, wide-eyed look in the movie. This distinct feature aligns perfectly with the clue's description.
  3. Cultural Reference: Bambi has become a cultural icon over the years, known for its association with the Disney franchise and its representation of a young, endearing deer in popular culture. This cultural significance reinforces the connection between the clue and the answer.
In conclusion, the answer "BAMBI" fits the clue "Disney's wide-eyed baby deer" due to its direct association with the beloved Disney character known for its wide eyes and youthful depiction as a baby deer.

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