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Today's (20 May 2024) crossword provided to us by Daily Quick and the clue is "Discernment".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Discernment" and the answer is "INSIGHT".

The clue "Discernment" implies the ability to perceive or understand something clearly or intuitively. When we think of discernment, we think of having deep understanding and insight into a given situation or problem. Therefore, "INSIGHT" fits perfectly as the answer for this clue.

  • 1. Clear Understanding: The word "INSIGHT" is often associated with having a clear understanding or perception of something. It suggests a deeper level of comprehension beyond surface observations.
  • 2. Intuitive Knowledge: "INSIGHT" also suggests intuitive knowledge or understanding that goes beyond logical reasoning. It implies being able to grasp the true nature or meaning of something without explicit explanation.
  • 3. Problem-Solving: Discernment, as expressed by "INSIGHT," is often crucial in problem-solving scenarios. It helps individuals find effective solutions by understanding the complexities and nuances of the issue at hand.
  • 4. Clarity and Perspective: The answer "INSIGHT" indicates the ability to see things clearly and gain a broader perspective. It implies perceiving details others might miss and comprehending the hidden aspects of a situation.

Overall, the answer "INSIGHT" aligns perfectly with the clue "Discernment" as it represents the deep understanding, intuitive knowledge, problem-solving capability, clarity, and perspective that discernment entails.

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Definition of "INSIGHT"

the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something

Example :
  • his mind soared to previously unattainable heights of insight
  • his work provides important insights into language use
  • the town offers some insight into Finnish rural life

  •  The Crossword clue "Discernment" published 131 time/s & has 13 answer/s. 
    Daily Quick20 May 2024INSIGHT
    Daily American19 February 2024TASTE
    Mirror quick19 August 2023ACUMEN
    The Irish Independent Simple24 May 2023TASTE
    The Telegraph - Quick5 April 2023TASTE
    The Times Concise10 March 2023TASTE
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