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Today's (16 February 2024) crossword provided to us by L.A. Times Daily and the clue is ""Correctamundo!"".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Correctamundo!" is a playful expression that is often used to indicate agreement or affirmation. It is a lighthearted way of saying "You're right!" or "That's correct!" This clue is commonly found in crossword puzzles and is designed to add a bit of fun and humor to the solving experience.

The answer for this clue today is "RIGHT." In the context of the crossword puzzle, "right" is a perfect match for the clue. The word "right" is used as a synonym for "correct" or "accurate." It represents the affirmative response to the given statement or question.

Why does the answer "RIGHT" fit this clue? Let's explore some related words and phrases:

  • Certainly: This word suggests agreement or certainty, similar to the response conveyed by "Correctamundo!"
  • Exactly: Like "RIGHT," this word implies accuracy and concurrence with a statement or question.
  • Precisely: This term signifies correctness and alignment with the intended meaning.
  • Absolutely: It denotes complete agreement and alignment, just like the response "Correctamundo!"

In summary, the clue "Correctamundo!" is a playful expression seeking agreement or affirmation. Its perfect match is the answer "RIGHT," which represents accuracy and correctness. This answer aligns with similar words and phrases such as "certainly," "exactly," "precisely," and "absolutely." By providing the answer "RIGHT," solvers can confidently complete the crossword puzzle with a sense of amusement and satisfaction.

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Definition of "RIGHT"

morally good, justified, or acceptable

Example :
  • I'm not sure I know the right answer
  • her theories were proved right
  • she was right about Tom having no money

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