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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue, "Copy from tapestry," is a clever wordplay clue that leads us to the answer "APE." Here's why this seemingly simple clue connects to the answer:

  • Tapestry: This word in the clue can be interpreted as a reference to the art of weaving or creating an intricate design.
  • Copy: In this context, "copy" hints at the idea of imitation or replicating something.

Putting these two components together, we arrive at the answer "APE." Now, let's break down the connection:

  1. Weaving: Tapestries are woven artworks, and when we think of animals associated with weaving or creating, one prominent image that comes to mind is that of a chimpanzee or ape "weaving" things together.
  2. Imitation: Apes, particularly chimpanzees, are known for their ability to mimic human behavior and actions, essentially "copying" what they see.

Therefore, the answer "APE" perfectly fits the clue "Copy from tapestry" as it cleverly combines the concepts of weaving and imitation associated with these intelligent creatures. It's a classic example of how crossword clues can play with language and associations to lead solvers to the correct answer.

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Definition of "APE"

a large primate that lacks a tail, including the gorilla, chimpanzees, orangutan, and gibbons.

Example :
  • cunning is but the ape of wisdom
  • new architecture can respect the old without aping its style

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    Mirror cryptic2 March 2024APE

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