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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Copper not common in poison," leads us to the answer "CURARE." Here's why this clue perfectly matches the answer:

  1. Element Clue: The mention of "Copper" in the clue refers to the chemical element Cu, which has the atomic number 29. In the periodic table, copper has the symbol Cu. The connection here is that copper is a chemical element, and it is not common in the answer, "CURARE."
  2. Poison Reference: The term "poison" in the clue is a crucial hint. CURARE is a type of poison derived from certain plant species native to South America. It has been traditionally used by indigenous tribes for hunting purposes. Therefore, the hint of "poison" in the clue directly points to CURARE as the answer.
  3. Hidden in the Clue: The wordplay in the clue is also clever. "Copper not common" offers a hidden indication of the answer CURARE, as the letters for "C-U-R" are enclosed within the phrase "Copper not." This type of wordplay is common in crossword puzzles to provide a challenging yet rewarding solving experience for players.

This connection between the clue "Copper not common in poison" and the answer "CURARE" showcases the intricate way crosswords integrate language, chemistry references, and hidden wordplay elements into a single puzzle.

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Definition of "CURARE"

a bitter resinous substance obtained from the bark and stems of some South American plants. It paralyses the motor nerves and is traditionally used by some Indian peoples to poison their arrows and blowpipe darts.

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