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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Conviction" and the corresponding answer is "CERTAINTY". Let's explore why this clue has been attributed to this particular answer:

  1. Definition: The word "conviction" refers to a firmly held belief or the state of being certain about something.
  2. Connection to the Answer: The word "CERTAINTY" aligns perfectly with the definition of "conviction" as it also denotes a state of being completely sure about a particular fact or belief.
  3. Wordplay: In crossword puzzles, it's common for clues to contain hints or wordplay that provide additional context or facilitate solving the puzzle. In this case, the clue does not involve any wordplay. Instead, it directly points to the answer without any hidden indicators or cryptic elements.
  4. Synonym Match: Another way to establish the connection between the clue and the answer is through synonym matching. The word "certainty" functions as a synonym for "conviction," as both terms convey a strong sense of firm belief or assurance.
  5. Length: The length of the answer, "CERTAINTY," matches the number of squares available in the crossword grid, further indicating that it is the correct solution.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, it becomes clear that "CERTAINTY" perfectly fits as the answer for the clue "Conviction" in today's crossword puzzle. Crossword enthusiasts and solvers will be able to confidently fill in this word to progress further in completing the puzzle.

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Definition of "CERTAINTY"

firm conviction that something is the case

Example :
  • she knew with absolute certainty that they were dead
  • there is a bewildering lack of certainty and clarity in the law
  • a man exuding certainty

  •  The Crossword clue "Conviction" published 71 time/s & has 6 answer/s. 
    Daily American17 May 2024CERTAINTY
    Penny dell2 May 2024BELIEF
    L.A. Times Daily16 July 2023BELIEF
    Crossword Champ Daily22 June 2023BELIEF
    The Irish Independent Simple22 March 2023BELIEF
    USA Today23 December 2021BELIEF
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