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A big hello to all Metro Cryptic Crossword junkies! Today, we will proceed to solve the crossword clue "Composer hesitates to hold a gun". We went over all the recent clues repeatedly and finally, we have the best answer below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Composer hesitates to hold a gun" leads us to the answer "HOLSTER". Here's why this clue has this answer:

  • Composer: In this context, "Composer" is a clever play on words, not referring to a music composer but hinting at someone or something that composes or puts together items.
  • Hesitates: The word "hesitates" suggests a pause or a delay in action, indicating that something is not immediately or directly done.
  • To hold a gun: This part of the clue adds the image of holding a gun, which implies carrying a firearm or keeping it within reach for use.

Putting these elements together, the answer "HOLSTER" perfectly fits the clue. A holster is a specific type of carrying case or strap designed to hold a gun in place, typically attached to a belt or worn on the body for easy access. The combination of a composer (holder), hesitation (pause before action), and holding a gun all align with the function and purpose of a holster, making it the ideal solution to today's crossword clue.

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Definition of "HOLSTER"

a holder for carrying a handgun or other firearm, typically made of leather and worn on a belt or under the arm.

Example :
  • he holstered the Browning before walking back

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