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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Club's polled about starter," leads us to the answer "SHORTIRON." Let's break down why this answer fits perfectly:

  1. Short: The word "short" can indicate a small or compact form of something. In golf, a short iron refers to a type of golf club used for shorter distances.
  2. Iron: In the context of golf clubs, "iron" specifically refers to a type of club typically used for accuracy rather than distance. A "short iron" is commonly used for approach shots on the fairway.
  3. Starter: The word "starter" in the clue may imply the beginning or initial part of something. In golf, the short iron clubs are often used at the start of the game to approach the green.
  4. Club's polled: The term "club's polled" can suggest gathering opinions or data from the club members. It may be a play on words to creatively hint at the idea of selecting a short iron.

Putting these elements together, "SHORTIRON" perfectly fits the clue as it cleverly combines the concepts of a short iron club used in golf, signaling the beginning of play, while incorporating a hint about polling or selecting the right club for the game.

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