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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Class" and the answer is "FORM". Here is the explanation why this clue has this answer:

1. One of the meanings of the word "class" is a group of students who are taught together. In an educational setting, students are often divided into different classes based on their age, level of knowledge, or subjects they are studying. The word "form" is commonly used to describe these groups of students, especially in British English. For example, in a British school, students in the same grade may be referred to as "Form 4" or "Class 4".

2. Another meaning of the word "class" is a category or group of people who share similar social or economic status. In this context, "form" can also be used to represent a particular group within society. For instance, you might say that "the upper form" refers to the higher social class, while "the lower form" implies a lower social class.

3. In the realm of physical appearance, the term "form" is often used to describe the shape or structure of an object. This usage aligns with the clue "Class" as it hints at the form or physical shape of something. For instance, you might say that a sculpture is characterized by its form, meaning its shape and structure.

4. "Form" can also refer to a standard or established practice. In this sense, the clue "Class" may be suggesting that the answer is some kind of established practice or procedure. For example, you could say that following a particular form of conduct is part of a social class or group's identity.

In conclusion, the answer "FORM" for the clue "Class" represents the different meanings associated with the word. It refers to a group of students, a social or economic category, physical appearance, and also an established practice or procedure. The crossword puzzle creators have chosen this answer as it encompasses the various interpretations of the clue.

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  • FORM
  • TIER
  • ILK
  • TYPE
  • SORT
  • KIND
  • YEAR
  • ACTS
  • ACT

Definition of "FORM"

the visible shape or configuration of something

Example :
  • the form, colour, and texture of the tree
  • the flowers of this shrub are remarkable both in form and colour
  • these videos are a triumph of form over content

  •  The Crossword clue "Class" published 211 time/s & has 25 answer/s. 
    Mirror quick17 May 2024FORM
    L.A. Times Daily8 May 2024GRADE
    Lovatts American6 May 2024TIER
    Evening Standard - Quick2 April 2024CASTE
    Penny dell22 March 2024TYPE
    Daily American9 March 2024SPECIES
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