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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Church recess" and the answer is "APSE".

The clue "Church recess" is asking for a term that refers to a specific architectural feature found in many churches. The word "recess" is a hint that this feature is located in a recessed area or alcove within the church.

The answer "APSE" fits this clue perfectly. An apse is a semicircular or polygonal recess in a church, usually located at the eastern end and often containing the altar. It is a distinctive architectural element commonly found in Christian churches, particularly in traditional cathedral designs. The term "church recess" is a concise way of describing the apse, which is an important focal point and functional area within the church.

To better understand the connection between the clue and the answer, let's explore some characteristics and uses of the apse:

  1. Semicircular or polygonal shape: The apse is usually designed with a curved or polygonal structure, creating a visually appealing architectural element.
  2. Eastern location: In Christian liturgical tradition, the apse is generally situated at the eastern end of the church. This placement symbolizes the direction of the rising sun and represents the direction from which Jesus Christ will return at the Second Coming.
  3. Altar placement: The apse often houses the main altar, where religious rituals and ceremonies take place. It serves as a sacred space and provides a focal point for worship.
  4. Decoration and artwork: Apses are often adorned with intricate architectural details, including stained glass windows, mosaics, frescoes, and sculptures. These artistic elements enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the church.

In summary, the clue "Church recess" refers to the architectural feature known as the apse. This recessed area serves as an important part of a church, housing the altar and symbolizing the direction of the rising sun. The answer "APSE" accurately describes this specific feature, providing a concise and fitting solution to the crossword clue.

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Definition of "APSE"

a large semicircular or polygonal recess in a church, arched or with a domed roof and typically at the church's eastern end.

 The Crossword clue "Church recess" published 237 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Mirror classic1 March 2024APSE
Mirror quick29 February 2024APSE - Concise25 February 2024APSE
Daily American21 February 2024APSE
Crossword Champ Pro25 January 2024APSE
The Telegraph - Quick29 December 2023APSE
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