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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Child's play!" leads to the answer "ITSEASY" for a specific reason that connects the playful nature of children to the simplicity of the task. Here's why this answer fits the clue:

  • Common Phrase: "Child's play!" is a common idiom used to refer to something that is extremely easy or simple, much like how children engage in effortless and carefree activities that adults might find simple.
  • Direct Relation: The term "easy" in "ITSEASY" directly corresponds to the idea of simplicity conveyed in the clue. Children often find tasks that adults may consider challenging to be effortless, highlighting the straightforward nature of the answer.
  • Creative Hint: The exclamation mark after "Child's play" suggests a sense of excitement or emphasis, indicating that the solution should reflect a high level of ease and straightforwardness, making "ITSEASY" a fitting response.

By combining the playful imagery associated with children's activities and the concept of simplicity, the answer "ITSEASY" perfectly captures the essence of the clue "Child's play!" in today's crossword puzzle.

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  • TAG
  • EASY
  • GAME
  • SNAP

 The Crossword clue ""Child's play!”" published 93 time/s & has 15 answer/s. 
Wall Street Journal17 April 2024ITSEASY
Lovatts American10 January 2024TAG
Crossword Champ Premium20 August 2023TAG
L.A. Times Daily18 August 2023ACINCH
USA Today19 December 2022EASY
Crossword Champ Pro12 September 2022ASNAP
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