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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Champion of the people" and the answer is "TRIBUNE."

The clue "Champion of the people" suggests that we are looking for a word or term that represents someone who fights for the rights and interests of the general public. When we think of a champion, someone who stands up for others and fights to protect their rights, one term that comes to mind is "TRIBUNE."

A "TRIBUNE" is a person who advocates for the rights and welfare of the people. This term has its roots in ancient Rome, where the tribunes were officials elected by the plebeians (common people) to represent their interests. The role of a tribune was to safeguard the rights of the plebeians and be their voice in the Roman government.

Here are some reasons why "TRIBUNE" is the correct answer:

  1. A tribune is someone who champions the cause of the people and fights for their rights.
  2. In ancient Rome, a tribune held an official position dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of the ordinary citizens.
  3. The term "TRIBUNE" is often used metaphorically to refer to a person or organization that advocates for the rights of the common people.
  4. As a crossword answer, "TRIBUNE" fits the given clue perfectly, indicating a champion of the people.

In conclusion, the answer to today's clue "Champion of the people" is "TRIBUNE." This term is associated with individuals who fight for the rights and welfare of the general public, drawing from its historical origins in ancient Rome. The word "TRIBUNE" accurately represents a champion dedicated to protecting the interests of the people.

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Definition of "TRIBUNE"

an official in ancient Rome chosen by the plebeians to protect their interests.

 The Crossword clue "Champion of the people" published 11 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Daily American2 April 2024TRIBUNE
Thinks.com2 September 2010TRIBUNE
The Times Concise19 April 2010TRIBUNE

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