Can gin actually mask heartache? Crossword Clue

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Today, we will solve the crossword clue "Can gin actually mask heartache?". We looked carefully into these recent clues and this is the best answer we got.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Can gin actually mask heartache?" leads us to the answer "ANGINA." Here's why this answer fits the clue:

  1. Can Gin: The wordplay here involves breaking down "gin" into two parts - "G" and "in." This hints at a singular letter G being hidden within the word "mask," which cleverly points towards the medical condition in the answer.
  2. Mask Heartache: Heartache is a colloquial term for chest pain or distress. In this context, "mask" suggests a hidden or disguised element. The word "ANGINA" aligns perfectly with this idea as it is a condition that involves chest pain due to restricted blood flow to the heart.
  3. Overall Connection: When the components of the clue are put together, we see a clever construction where the use of "gin" as a hidden indicator within "mask" cleverly leads us to a medical term related to chest discomfort.

This intricate wordplay showcases the beauty of crossword puzzles in combining cryptic clues with accurate answers, providing a satisfying mental challenge for enthusiasts.

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Definition of "ANGINA"

a condition marked by severe pain in the chest, often also spreading to the shoulders, arms, and neck, owing to an inadequate blood supply to the heart

Example :
  • he had high blood pressure and he suffered from angina
  • Ludwig's angina

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