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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword is "Broad," and the answer is "WIDE." The word "WIDE" fits perfectly with the given clue for several reasons, which we will explore below.

  • 1. Synonyms: One of the main reasons why "WIDE" is the correct answer is because it is a synonym for "broad." In the context of the clue, both words convey the same meaning of something that has a large or extensive width. This synonymic relationship solidifies the connection between the clue and the answer.
  • 2. Adjective: "WIDE" is an adjective that can describe various objects, spaces, or concepts. It is often used to convey size or distance across a broad area. In this case, the clue is asking for a word that fits the adjective form of "Broad," and "WIDE" fulfills that criteria perfectly.
  • 3. Opposite of Narrow: Another reason why "WIDE" is the correct answer is that it is the antonym of "narrow," which is the opposite of "broad." When something is described as "wide," it implies that it is not narrow but rather spacious or expansive. Therefore, "WIDE" aligns with the opposite meaning of the word in the clue.
  • 4. Fits Crossword Grid: From a crossword puzzle perspective, "WIDE" also satisfies the crossing letters from other intersecting words. The answer "WIDE" has four letters, which align correctly with the number of blank spaces left for the word to be placed in the puzzle grid.

In conclusion, the crossword clue "Broad" is appropriately answered by "WIDE." This answer captures the synonymous relationship, provides an adjective that describes a large width, represents the opposite of narrow, and fits perfectly within the crossword grid. By selecting "WIDE" as the answer, crossword solvers can move forward with confidence, knowing they have deciphered the clue correctly.

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More Answers:

  • WIDE
  • DAME
  • VAST
  • EPIC

Definition of "WIDE"

of great or more than average width

Example :
  • a wide road
  • it measures 15 cm long by 12 cm wide
  • how wide do you think this house is?

  •  The Crossword clue "Broad" published 208 time/s & has 6 answer/s. 
    Lovatts Universal12 June 2024WIDE
    Mirror classic6 June 2024WIDE
    Metro Quick29 January 2024WIDE
    Evening Standard - Quick16 November 2023WIDE
    Mirror quick15 November 2023WIDE
    Wall Street Journal23 October 2023WIDE
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