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Today is 17 February 2024 and we have the correct solution for the crossword clue "Brit's fuel" listed below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Brits fuel" and the answer is "PETROL". Let's explore why this clue has this answer:

  • 1. Brits: This keyword indicates that we are looking for something related to British culture or people. In this case, it refers to the British.
  • 2. Fuel: Fuel typically refers to a substance that is burned to produce energy. It can power various vehicles, machinery, and appliances.

So, when we combine the keywords "Brits" and "fuel," the answer that fits perfectly is "PETROL."

In the UK, the term "PETROL" is commonly used to refer to what Americans would call "gasoline." It is the fuel used in most vehicles in the UK.

By using the word "Brits" as a clue, the crossword puzzle is hinting that we should be thinking about something specific to the British. When combined with the word "fuel," it becomes clear that the answer must be a type of fuel that is associated with the British. And since "PETROL" is the term used for fuel in the UK, it fits the clue perfectly.

So, to summarize, the clue "Brits fuel" leads us to the answer "PETROL" because it directs our attention to a specific type of fuel used in the UK. By understanding the context and making the connection between the clue and the answer, crossword enthusiasts can solve this puzzle with ease.

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Definition of "PETROL"

a light fuel oil that is obtained by distilling petroleum and used in internal combustion engines.

Example :
  • petrol fumes

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