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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "British crossword setter keeping green suit" leads us to the answer "BECOME." Here's why this clue matches with the answer:

  1. British: In the context of this clue, "British" serves as an indicator that we should be looking for a word commonly used in British English. It helps narrow down the possibilities.
  2. Crossword setter: The phrase "crossword setter" hints at the idea of someone setting up or creating something, which ties in with the concept of forming or making a word – a common task for crossword setters.
  3. Keeping: The term "keeping" suggests that one word is contained within another. In this case, "BE" is kept within the word "COME."
  4. Green suit: The inclusion of "green suit" might seem unrelated, but in crosswords, colors are often used as indicators for specific letters. In this case, "green" could represent the letter "E."

When we combine these elements, we see that "BECOME" fits the clue perfectly. The word is formed by "BE" (from crossword setter) kept within "COME," aligning with the structure hinted at by "keeping." Additionally, the subtle hint from "green suit" guiding us to the letter "E" solidifies the connection between the clue and the answer.

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Definition of "BECOME"

begin to be

Example :
  • she became angry and sulked all day
  • it is becoming clear that we are in a new situation
  • the child will become an adult

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    The Telegraph - Cryptic8 February 2024BECOME

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