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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Branch" and the answer is "ARM".

The clue "Branch" is a noun that typically refers to a part of a tree that extends outwards from the trunk. However, in this crossword puzzle, the clue is used metaphorically. Instead of a literal tree branch, "Branch" is used to represent a part of the human body.

In this context, "Branch" refers to one of the limbs of the human body, specifically the upper limb that extends from the shoulder to the hand. The answer "ARM" accurately represents this concept.

So why does "ARM" fit as the answer for the clue "Branch"? Let's explore:

  1. An arm is a limb that branches out from the body just like the branches of a tree.
  2. The word "branch" also suggests a division or extension. In terms of the human body, the arm can be seen as a division or extension of the upper body.
  3. Just like a branch provides support and allows the tree to carry out various functions, the arm provides support and allows humans to perform various tasks like lifting, grasping, and manipulating objects.
  4. Furthermore, the arm can also branch out into smaller parts, such as the forearm and the hand, resembling the smaller branches of a tree.

In conclusion, the answer "ARM" aligns perfectly with the clue "Branch" as it represents the limb of the human body that branches out from the shoulder. The metaphorical association between a tree branch and the human arm helps to create a connection that leads to the correct answer.

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More Answers:

  • ARM
  • FORK
  • LIMB
  • UNIT
  • WING
  • SECT
  • TWIG
  • STEM

Definition of "ARM"

each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand

Example :
  • she held the baby in her arms
  • as they walked he offered her his arm
  • I'm so proud to have you on my arm

  •  The Crossword clue "Branch" published 401 time/s & has 16 answer/s. 
    L.A. Times Daily26 January 2024ARM
    Crossword Champ Pro25 January 2024FORK
    Crossword Champ Premium24 January 2024ARM
    Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate9 January 2024LIMB
    Evening Standard - Quick21 December 2023BOUGH
    USA Today19 November 2023ARM
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