Bodyguard employed by firm in Derby Crossword Clue

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The solution for the clue "Bodyguard employed by firm in Derby" from Daily Cryptic crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Bodyguard employed by firm in Derby" corresponds to the answer "MINDER". Here's an explanation as to why this clue leads to this specific answer:

  1. The clue starts with "Bodyguard" which implies that we are looking for a term related to protection or security.
  2. The clue also provides additional information that the bodyguard in question is "employed by firm in Derby". This suggests that the answer is a specific occupation related to protection that can be associated with the location Derby.
  3. Putting these clues together, we can deduce that the answer should be a term for a bodyguard or a person responsible for protection employed by a company in Derby.
  4. The answer that matches these criteria is "MINDER". A minder is a term often used to describe a personal bodyguard or protector employed by individuals or firms. It aligns with the clue's description of a bodyguard employed by a company, in this case, located in Derby.

In summary, the answer "MINDER" fits the clue "Bodyguard employed by firm in Derby" because it refers to a term commonly associated with a personal protector or bodyguard employed by a firm, which matches the given context of the clue.

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Definition of "MINDER"

a person whose job it is to look after someone or something

Example :
  • a baby-minder
  • he was accompanied by his personal minder

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