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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Blows" and the answer for this clue is "JOLTS". Let's explore why this answer is a suitable match for the given clue:

1. Synonyms: When we think of the word "blows," various synonyms come to mind, such as strikes, hits, impacts, and jolts. Each of these words represents a forceful action that can be associated with blows.

2. Physical Impact: The word "jolts" specifically captures the sense of physical impact. It implies a sudden, jerking motion caused by a powerful external force. This aligns well with the idea of blows, as they often involve a forceful strike or collision.

3. Energy Transfer: Another way to understand the connection between "blows" and "jolts" is through the concept of energy transfer. When someone or something delivers a blow, they transfer their energy into the target, causing it to jolt or move abruptly.

4. Active Verbs: Both "blows" and "jolts" are active verbs that depict action. They convey a sense of movement and force, suggesting an interaction between two objects or entities.

5. Common Usage: "Jolts" is a commonly used word in everyday language. It is often used to describe sudden movements, shocks, or surprises. This familiarity makes it a suitable answer for the clue, as crossword puzzles typically rely on commonly known words and expressions.

Considering these factors, "JOLTS" fits well as the answer to today's "Blows" clue. It captures the sense of forceful impact, physical motion, energy transfer, and active verbs associated with blows.

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  • RAPS
  • BOPS

 The Crossword clue "Blows" published 21 time/s & has 12 answer/s. 
Lovatts American1 March 2024JOLTS
Lovatts Enigma28 November 2023PUFFS
The Irish News Quick4 February 2023STROKES
Crossword Champ Pro5 September 2022RAPS
L.A. Times Daily27 October 2019ERUPTS
The Irish Independent Simple25 October 2019STROKES
New York Times19 January 2017SHOCKS
Universal7 July 2014ERUPTS
USA Today24 January 2008BOTCHES
Wall Street Journal21 September 2001FLUBS

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