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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Bit of corn found in pear" leads us to the answer "EAR". Let's break down the clue and see why it has this answer:

  1. "Bit of" suggests that we are looking for a small part or portion of something.
  2. "Corn" refers to the grain commonly found on a corn cob.
  3. "Found in" indicates that we need to look for something within another object.
  4. "Pear" is a type of fruit.

Putting all these elements together, we can deduce that the answer is "EAR". Here's how the clue works:

  1. When we think of a "bit of corn," the most common association is a single kernel of corn.
  2. Next, we need to find this "bit of corn" within the word "pear." By examining the letters of "pear," we can spot the letters E, A, and R in order.
  3. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Bit of corn found in pear" is "EAR," as the word "EAR" can be found within the word "pear."

By analyzing the grammar and context of the clue, we can determine that "EAR" is the correct answer. Crossword puzzles often require careful consideration and lateral thinking to solve them successfully. Feel free to share this explanation with your crossword puzzle enthusiasts to help them understand the reasoning behind this clue and answer combination.

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Definition of "EAR"

the organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates, especially the external part of this.

Example :
  • she offers a sympathetic ear to worried pet owners

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