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Today is 18 April 2024 and we are bringing to you a great solution from The Guardian Quick crossword.
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue "Bird - crackers" leads to the answer "CUCKOO" due to the following explanations:

  1. Bird: The first part of the clue, "Bird," indicates that the answer relates to a type of bird.
  2. Crackers Connection: The term "crackers" in the clue is a clever wordplay hint. In this context, "crackers" serves as a playful way to hint at the bird's name rather than the actual snack. It suggests a bird that is associated with a distinctive repeated call, much like the repeated sound of a cuckoo clock.
  3. Specific bird: When considering birds known for their unique calls and association with the term "cuckoo," it becomes evident that the answer fits well with the clue. The cuckoo bird is famous for its call that sounds like its namesake "cuck-oo," a repeated and distinctive sound often represented in clocks and cartoons.

The connection between the bird's name and the play on "crackers" in the clue makes "CUCKOO" the apt solution that aligns with the given hint and the theme of crossword puzzle wordplay.

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Definition of "CUCKOO"

a long-tailed, medium-sized bird, typically with a grey or brown back and barred or pale underparts. Many cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of small songbirds.

Example :
  • people think you're cuckoo

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    The Guardian Quick18 April 2024CUCKOO

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