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Today we are going to solve the crossword clue "Ben Folds Five, e.g., oddly enough" ,After checking out all the recent clues we got the best answer below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Ben Folds Five, e.g., oddly enough" leads us to the answer "TRIO" for a specific reason. Here's why the answer fits the clue:

  • Ben Folds Five: This musical group's name might seem misleading at first glance. Despite the name implying there are five members, the band actually consisted of only three musicians—Ben Folds, Darren Jessee, and Robert Sledge.
  • Oddly Enough: The term "oddly enough" in the clue hints at the unexpected nature of the group's name. It stands out as an ironic and quirky detail that the band named themselves "Ben Folds Five" even though they were a trio.
  • TRIO: Given the information about Ben Folds Five having three members despite the name suggesting otherwise, the most fitting answer for this clue is "TRIO." This word encapsulates the essence of the group's unique name choice.

Therefore, the answer "TRIO" aligns perfectly with the clue "Ben Folds Five, e.g., oddly enough" due to the unconventional naming of the musical group as a trio despite the number implied in their name.

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Definition of "TRIO"

a set or group of three people or things

Example :
  • the hotel was run by a trio of brothers
  • a jazz trio
  • Chopin's G minor Trio

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