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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue is "Being broadcast" and the answer for this clue is "ONTV". Let's break down why this answer is correct:

  1. The clue "Being broadcast" tells us that we are looking for a term related to something that is being aired on television. This clue indicates that the answer we are seeking is likely to be a phrase or abbreviation used in the context of television broadcasting.
  2. The answer "ONTV" is an abbreviation that stands for "On Television". This phrase is commonly used to describe something that is currently being shown or aired on TV. Therefore, it perfectly matches the clue "Being broadcast".
  3. By using the abbreviation "ONTV" instead of the full phrase "On Television", the crossword creator adds a level of challenge to the puzzle, as solvers are required to recognize the abbreviation and its meaning in the context of the clue.
  4. The answer "ONTV" fits the puzzle grid and satisfies any crossing letters, ensuring that it aligns with the other answers in the crossword.

In summary, the clue "Being broadcast" is aptly met by the answer "ONTV" because it matches the theme of television broadcasting, is a commonly used abbreviation, and fits within the constraints of the puzzle. Remember, crossword puzzles challenge our linguistic and analytical skills as we decipher and connect the clues to arrive at the correct answers. Keep solving and enjoy your crossword-solving journey!

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More Answers:

  • ONTV
  • ON AIR
  • ON TV
  • ON-AIR

 The Crossword clue "Being broadcast" published 54 time/s & has 7 answer/s. 
The Washington Post Sunday31 March 2024ONTV
Newsday.com18 October 2023ONTV
Universal13 July 2023ONAIR
The Sun Two Speed20 April 2023ON AIR
USA Today22 September 2022ONAIR
The Times Concise4 November 2021ON AIR
The Guardian Quick20 March 2021ONAIR
L.A. Times Daily29 March 2020ONTV
The Telegraph - Quick8 February 2019ONAIR
New York Times10 May 2018ONTV
The Sun Coffee Time20 September 2015ONTHEAIR
Jonesin Crosswords21 April 2015ONAIR
Jonesin16 April 2015ONAIR
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate3 December 2006AIRING

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