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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Before an audience." The answer for this clue is "ONSTAGE."

  • Puzzle Clue: Before an audience
  • Answer: ONSTAGE

The clue "Before an audience" implies that the answer should be a word or phrase that relates to being in front of people during a performance or presentation. The term "ONSTAGE" fits this description perfectly.

When a performer or speaker is "ONSTAGE," it means they are in the designated area where the audience can see them during a live event or performance. It is the physical space where actors, musicians, dancers, and other performers showcase their talents and interact with the audience.

Here are a few reasons why "ONSTAGE" is the correct answer:

  1. Presence: Being "ONSTAGE" indicates that someone is physically present and visible to an audience. It suggests an opportunity to perform or communicate directly with the viewers.
  2. Performance context: The clue specifies "Before an audience," indicating that the answer must pertain to a theatrical or public speaking setting. "ONSTAGE" is a term commonly associated with plays, concerts, recitals, and other live events where performers interact with an audience.
  3. Visibility: "ONSTAGE" suggests that the individual is visible and under the spotlight, attracting attention from the spectators. It signifies a moment of being in the public eye.

In conclusion, the answer to the clue "Before an audience" is "ONSTAGE" because it accurately represents the concept of performing in front of people, being visible and engaged with the viewers during a live event.

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Definition of "ONSTAGE"

(in a theatre) on the stage and so visible to the audience

Example :
  • an onstage accident

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