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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

This particular clue, "Bedtime, for a poet," corresponds to the answer "EEN." While it may seem unusual at first, the link between the clue and answer becomes apparent upon closer examination:

  1. Bedtime: In the context of a poet, bedtime can refer to the end of a day or the conclusion of a creative session. Poets often seek inspiration during quiet moments at the end of their day.
  2. EEN: This answer, though short, cleverly encapsulates the concept of "Bedtime, for a poet." The word "EEN" is a poetic way of representing the word "even," which is fitting for the theme of a poet's bedtime.

By combining the idea of a poet's nighttime routine with the succinct representation of "even" as "EEN," this crossword clue challenges solvers to think creatively and make connections that go beyond literal interpretations. It showcases the artistic nature of language and how words can be transformed in the realm of poetry.

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Wall Street Journal4 April 2024EEN

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