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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Become totally depleted" leads us to think of a word that signifies a state of exhaustion or complete consumption. The answer for this clue, "RUNDRY," may seem unfamiliar at first glance, but when we examine it closely, we can see why it fits perfectly:

  1. Run Dry: The answer "RUNDRY" is a combination of "run" and "dry." When something runs dry, it means it has completely depleted its resources, often used in the context of water sources or other supplies. So, the wordplay here is cleverly combining "run" with "dry" to create the answer "RUNDRY."
  2. Rhyming Effect: The word "RUNDRY" has a unique rhyming effect that adds a playful twist to the clue. The rhyme between "run" and "dry" enhances the overall satisfaction of solving the crossword puzzle.
  3. Creative Word Formation: While "RUNDRY" may not be a common everyday term, in the world of crosswords, creating and deciphering such word formations adds to the challenge and enjoyment of solving puzzles. It showcases the creativity and linguistic diversity of crossword clues.

In conclusion, the answer "RUNDRY" for the clue "Become totally depleted" offers a clever wordplay that combines "run" and "dry" to convey the idea of complete exhaustion or depletion. It demonstrates the ingenuity and linguistic richness that crosswords bring to language enthusiasts and puzzle solvers.

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The Times Concise4 April 2024RUNDRY

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