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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Beauty mark" in today's crossword puzzle leads us to the answer "MOLE". Let's explore why this is the correct answer:

  1. Type of Mark: The clue mentions a "beauty mark," which refers to a specific type of mark or blemish on the skin. In this context, we can eliminate options like freckle or scar, as they do not typically fall under the category of a beauty mark.
  2. Single Word Answer: Since the crossword puzzle requires a single word answer, we can eliminate options like birthmark, which is a compound word. This narrows down our choices to words like mole, spot, or dot.
  3. Commonly Used Term: Among the remaining options, "MOLE" is the most widely recognized and commonly used term for a beauty mark. It is a compact, concise, and unambiguous answer.
  4. Slang Usage: Additionally, "MOLE" is often used in slang or informal contexts to refer to a beauty mark. This clue may be intended to leverage this colloquial usage.
  5. Crossword Grid Considerations: Analyzing the crossword grid further, it is evident that the word "MOLE" fits perfectly with the intersecting letters. This further confirms the accuracy of our answer.

In conclusion, the clue "Beauty mark" has the answer "MOLE" due to its precise description of a mark commonly referred to as a beauty mark. The single-word answer and its suitability within the crossword grid solidify this choice as the correct solution.

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More Answers:

  • MOLE
  • TEN

Definition of "MOLE"

a small burrowing mammal with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes, feeding mainly on worms, grubs, and other invertebrates.

Example :
  • a well-placed mole was feeding them the names of operatives
  • the company is hunting for the mole who revealed details of planned job cuts
  • a mole on her arm had not been there at the beginning of the summer

  •  The Crossword clue "Beauty mark" published 22 time/s & has 2 answer/s. 
    L.A. Times Daily28 February 2024MOLE
    Crosswords With Friends12 February 2024MOLE
    New York Times26 September 2023MOLE
    Crossword Explorer28 April 2023MOLE
    USA Today26 February 2023MOLE
    Star Tribune3 February 2023MOLE
    Penny dell21 March 2020MOLE
    Universal2 January 2019MOLE
    The Washington Post25 March 2018MOLE
    Daily Celebrity19 May 2016Mole
    Family Time Crossword6 January 2013TEN

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