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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Be mopey" and the answer is "SULK". Let's explore why this clue corresponds to this answer.

1. Mopey: The clue uses the adjective "mopey" to describe a particular state of being. When someone is mopey, they are generally feeling gloomy, sullen, or sulky. This is an important hint to keep in mind while searching for the answer.

2. Connection to "SULK": The answer to the clue is "SULK," which perfectly matches the description of "mopey." When someone sulks, they exhibit a gloomy and sullen attitude, often withdrawing from social interactions. It fits the overall mood conveyed by the clue, making "SULK" the correct answer.

3. Synonym Relationship: Clues in crossword puzzles often rely on synonyms, and in this case, "mopey" and "sulk" are synonymous. They both signify a similar emotional state, emphasizing the connection between the clue and the answer.

4. Word Length and Structure: The answer "SULK" consists of four letters, which aligns with the number of spaces available in the crossword puzzle for this particular clue. This indicates that the answer should be a four-letter word, reinforcing the correctness of "SULK" as the solution.

5. Crossword Puzzle Context: Crossword puzzles often follow certain themes or patterns within a specific grid structure. Considering the overall context of the crossword puzzle, the answer "SULK" is a suitable choice that fits within the constraints of the puzzle's structure.

In conclusion, the clue "Be mopey" has the answer "SULK" due to its connection with the gloomy and sullen state of mind. The synonym relation, word length, and overall context of the crossword puzzle support this as the correct solution.

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More Answers:

  • SULK

Definition of "SULK"

be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment

Example :
  • he was sulking over the break-up of his band
  • she was in a fit of the sulks

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