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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

When considering the clue "Bank account subtraction" and the answer "DEBIT," the relationship between the two becomes clear upon analysis. Here is an explanation to connect the clue to its answer:

  1. Bank Account Operation: In banking terminologies, a DEBIT is an entry that represents the subtraction of funds from an account. When a transaction occurs that decreases the balance in a bank account, it is recorded as a DEBIT.
  2. Financial Transactions: DEBIT is commonly associated with financial actions that involve deducting money from an account, such as payments, withdrawals, or expenses. It signifies the reduction of available funds.
  3. Crossword Context: Given the context of a crossword puzzle where clues are typically concise and require precise answers, "Bank account subtraction" aligns perfectly with the concept of DEBIT, which denotes the act of subtracting or decreasing funds from a bank account.

Therefore, the answer "DEBIT" appropriately corresponds to the clue "Bank account subtraction" based on its financial meaning and direct connection to reducing funds in a financial context.

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Definition of "DEBIT"

an entry recording a sum owed, listed on the left-hand side or column of an account

Example :
  • a double-entry system of bookkeeping, where each debit has a corresponding credit entry
  • a further debit of £21 6s 6d had been received from the Locomotive Department
  • $10,000 was debited from their account

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