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The answer to the crossword clue Bad mark for a boy getting out of line published by "Evening Standard - Cryptic" and we have possible answers listed below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, we have the clue "Bad mark for a boy getting out of line" and the answer is "STAIN". Let's break down the clue to understand why this answer fits.

1. "Bad mark": In crossword puzzles, "mark" often represents an indication or symbol. In this case, a "bad mark" suggests something negative or undesirable.

2. "for a boy": The clue specifies that the answer relates to a boy. This indicates that we are looking for a word that is associated with males or something that commonly refers to boys.

3. "getting out of line": The phrase "getting out of line" is an idiomatic expression that means misbehaving or not following the rules. It suggests that the answer represents a word that is associated with misconduct or disobedience.

Putting all the clues together, we can see that "STAIN" fits perfectly. Here's why:

  1. Bad mark: A stain is often considered a negative mark on clothing or any surface. It is seen as undesirable or unpleasant.
  2. for a boy: Boys are notorious for getting stains on their clothes while playing or engaging in messy activities.
  3. getting out of line: When a boy gets a stain on his clothes, it signifies that he has gone "out of line" by not being careful or following the rules of cleanliness.

Therefore, "STAIN" is the perfect answer that aligns with all the given clues. It represents a bad mark or indication, is commonly associated with boys and misbehavior, and implies a departure from cleanliness or rules.

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Definition of "STAIN"

mark or discolour with something that is not easily removed

Example :
  • her clothing was stained with blood
  • red powder paint can stain
  • the awful events would unfairly stain the city's reputation

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