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Interesting as always! The "Mirror classic" crossword puzzles are a good brainstorming game. But, if you want to find the solutions to the puzzle quickly, we are here to help you out with the given clue (Bad luck).

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Bad luck" and the answer for this clue is "MISFORTUNE". Let's explore why this clue has this answer:

1. Synonyms: The clue "Bad luck" is a common phrase used to describe unfortunate events or circumstances. "MISFORTUNE" is a fitting answer as it is a synonym for bad luck. It accurately captures the essence of the clue.

2. Context: The context provided by the crossword puzzle itself can help us deduce the answer. If we consider the surrounding clues and intersecting letters, we can see that "MISFORTUNE" fits perfectly within the given spaces. This contextual evidence further supports our answer choice.

3. Letters and Word Length: The answer "MISFORTUNE" matches the given number of spaces provided in the crossword grid. It has ten letters, which aligns with the available slots for the solution. Additionally, the combination of letters in "MISFORTUNE" makes sense when considering possible intersecting words.

4. Common Phrase: "MISFORTUNE" is a well-recognized phrase used to describe unfavorable events. It is a commonly used term that applies to various aspects of life, making it both relevant and relatable to the clue "Bad luck."

5. Crossword Theme: Sometimes crossword puzzles have a theme that ties all the clues and answers together. Analyzing the other clues around "Bad luck" can indicate if there's a specific theme at play. If other clues in the puzzle relate to unfortunate events or negative circumstances, "MISFORTUNE" becomes an even more probable answer.

In conclusion, based on the synonymy, context, letter count, common phrase usage, and potential theme of the crossword puzzle, we can confidently state that "MISFORTUNE" is the correct answer for the clue "Bad luck".

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Definition of "MISFORTUNE"

bad luck

Example :
  • the project was dogged by misfortune
  • never laugh at other people's misfortunes

  •  The Crossword clue "Bad luck" published 55 time/s & has 8 answer/s. 
    Mirror classic4 April 2024MISFORTUNE
    The Telegraph - Quick9 December 2023HARDCHEESE
    Penny dell sunday26 November 2023HOODOO - Concise2 July 2023HOODOO
    The Irish News Quick21 February 2023MISFORTUNE
    Evening Standard - Easy11 January 2023HOODOO
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