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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Avoided". The answer to this clue is "SKIRTED". Let's explore why this clue has this answer:

  1. Synonym: One way to approach crossword clues is to look for synonyms. In this case, "avoided" can be replaced with "skirted". Both words convey the idea of intentionally avoiding or evading something.
  2. Associated Action: The verb "SKIRTED" suggests moving along the edge or periphery of something, rather than directly confronting or engaging with it. This aligns with the concept of avoiding or bypassing.
  3. Contextual Fit: Considering the overall puzzle context, "SKIRTED" fits well with neighboring clues and partially filled intersecting answers. This cohesive fit helps confirm the accuracy of the answer.
  4. Letter Count: The answer "SKIRTED" matches the length of the spaces provided in the crossword grid for this particular clue.
  5. Letter Patterns: Examining the letters in "SKIRTED", we can identify that it includes common crossword-friendly letters such as 'S', 'K', 'R', 'T', 'E', and 'D', which occur frequently in words found in crossword puzzles. The inclusion of these letters supports the likelihood of the answer being "SKIRTED".
  6. Clues Cross-Validation: When solving a crossword puzzle, it's important to consider how the given clue relates to other clues in the puzzle. Analyzing the intersecting clues and their corresponding letters can help confirm that "SKIRTED" is the correct answer for this clue.

By analyzing synonyms, associated actions, contextual fit, letter count, patterns, and clues cross-validation, it becomes evident that "SKIRTED" is the most suitable answer for the clue "Avoided". Remember, each crossword clue requires careful consideration based on its unique context and constraints.

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Definition of "SKIRTED"

having or wearing a skirt of a specified kind

Example :
  • a long-skirted dress
  • a plaid-skirted schoolgirl
  • skirted coats

  •  The Crossword clue "Avoided" published 70 time/s & has 13 answer/s. 
    Daily American17 May 2024SKIRTED
    Evening Standard - Quick19 April 2024DODGED
    Crossword Champ Premium12 January 2024AVERTED
    Daily Quick2 August 2023DODGED
    Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate2 August 2023OMITTED
    USA Today26 November 2022DODGED
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