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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Auction item" and the answer to this clue is "LOT". The clue and the answer are connected through the concept of an auction and the specific item that is being auctioned.

Here's why "LOT" is the correct answer for the clue:

  1. Auction: The clue mentions an auction, which is an event where items are sold to the highest bidder. This provides a context for the answer.
  2. Item: The clue specifies that the answer is related to an item. In an auction, various items are put up for sale, which could include anything from artwork to furniture.
  3. Multiple Items: It's important to note that the answer "LOT" refers to a group or collection of items that are being sold as a single unit in an auction. This could be a set of similar objects or a bundle of different items.
  4. Bidding: In an auction, interested buyers place bids on the items they want to acquire. The "LOT" represents a specific group of items that bidders can place their bids on.

Overall, the answer "LOT" aligns perfectly with the clue "Auction item" as it refers to the group of items being sold in an auction setting. It captures the essence of an auction and the specific item or items that are up for bidding.

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Definition of "LOT"

a river of southern France, which rises in the Auvergne and flows 480 km (300 miles) west to meet the River Garonne south-east of Bordeaux.

Example :
  • there are a lot of actors in the cast
  • they took a lot of abuse
  • a lot can happen in eight months

  •  The Crossword clue "Auction item" published 182 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Evening Standard - Easy12 June 2024LOT - Concise3 June 2024LOT
    Metro Quick20 May 2024LOT
    Mirror quick1 April 2024LOT
    Lovatts Universal7 February 2024LOT
    The Sun Two Speed12 January 2024LOT
    The Telegraph - Quick6 August 2023LOT
    Mirror classic2 September 2022LOT
    Lovatts Enigma19 April 2022LOT
    The Times Concise17 April 2021LOT
    The Guardian Quick6 April 2020LOT
    Evening Standard - Quick19 November 2019LOT
    The Irish News Quick25 May 2018LOT
    USA Today18 May 2015LOT
    The Guardian2 October 2004LOT

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