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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue is "Attitude" and the answer is "POSE". The clue "Attitude" suggests that we are looking for a word that describes a particular way of behaving or thinking. The answer "POSE" fits this description perfectly for several reasons:

  • Similar Meanings: When someone strikes a pose, they adopt a specific posture or position. This physical stance can reflect a certain attitude or mindset.
  • Body Language: Our body language often communicates our attitudes and emotions. A pose can convey confidence, defiance, submission, or various other attitudes.
  • Photo Shoots: In photography, models are instructed to strike different poses to portray various attitudes or moods. Each pose elicits a different impression.
  • Dramatic Arts: Actors frequently utilize various poses to embody different characters and their respective attitudes. A pose can express joy, anger, sadness, or any other emotion.
  • Yoga and Fitness: In yoga and fitness routines, certain poses require a particular mindset or attitude to perform correctly. These poses not only promote physical health but also mental and emotional well-being.

Considering all these aspects, the answer "POSE" aligns perfectly with the given clue "Attitude". It encompasses the idea of a specific bodily position that reflects an attitude or mindset. By striking different poses, we can convey different attitudes in various contexts, such as photography, acting, and even everyday life.

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More Answers:

  • POSE
  • TONE
  • MIEN
  • MOOD
  • SASS
  • LIP

Definition of "POSE"

present or constitute (a problem or danger)

Example :
  • the sheer number of visitors is posing a threat to the area
  • the statement posed more questions than it answered
  • the prime minister posed for photographers

  •  The Crossword clue "Attitude" published 111 time/s & has 17 answer/s. 
    Mirror quick28 April 2024POSE
    Evening Standard - Quick4 April 2024STANCE
    Lovatts Universal13 January 2024STANCE
    Penny dell12 November 2023TONE
    L.A. Times Daily12 November 2023CANDO
    New York Times29 July 2023MIEN
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