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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's puzzle is "Attention getter" and the answer is "AHEM".

When analyzing the clue "Attention getter," we can infer that it is referring to a sound or action that captures someone's attention. This clue suggests that the answer is a word or phrase commonly used to redirect attention or signal the need for someone to pay attention. The word "AHEM" fits this description perfectly.

"AHEM" is a natural interjection that people use when they want to interrupt a conversation or draw attention to themselves. It is a short, sharp sound produced by clearing the throat, making it an effective attention getter in both written and spoken language. The word "AHEM" has become widely recognized as a way to politely and non-aggressively gain attention.

Here are a few examples of how "AHEM" can be used:

  • 1. In a conversation: "AHEM, excuse me, but I have a question."
  • 2. In a meeting: "AHEM, may I suggest an alternative solution?"
  • 3. In a theater: "AHEM, could you please keep the noise down?"

In conclusion, the clue "Attention getter" perfectly corresponds to the answer "AHEM" as it is a commonly used interjection to redirect attention or indicate the need for someone to listen. This word effectively conveys the idea of capturing attention in a polite and noticeable manner.

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More Answers:

  • AHEM
  • HEY
  • PSST
  • YELL
  • BEEP
  • HAM

Definition of "AHEM"

used to represent the noise made when clearing the throat, typically to attract attention or express disapproval or embarrassment

Example :
  • ahem, excuse me
  • well, ahem, not exactly

  •  The Crossword clue "Attention-getter" published 205 time/s & has 15 answer/s. 
    Lovatts American4 April 2024AHEM
    Crossword Champ Pro1 March 2024HEY
    Daily American18 December 2023PSST
    Penny dell sunday22 October 2023AHEM
    Crossword Champ Premium26 September 2023AHEM
    Crossword Champ Daily12 September 2023HEY
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