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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "At an audible volume," and the answer is "ALOUD."

This clue has the answer "ALOUD" because it accurately describes the action of speaking or reading out loud. Let's break it down:

  1. At: This preposition indicates the location or state of being.
  2. An: This article specifies that the following noun starts with a vowel sound.
  3. Audible: This adjective describes something that can be heard.
  4. Volume: This noun refers to the level or intensity of sound.

When we combine these words together, we understand that the answer, "ALOUD," refers to speaking or reading out loud in a way that can be heard. It accurately represents the clue, which asks for a phrase that describes an audible volume.

Remember, in crossword puzzles, the clues are deliberately crafted to lead to specific answers. The skill lies in deciphering the relationships between the clue and the answer, just like solving a puzzle. Crossword puzzles challenge our linguistic and analytical abilities, as we analyze words and their meanings to arrive at the correct solutions.

For example, in this clue, "At an audible volume" could have had alternative answers like "LOUD" or "LOUDLY." However, "LOUD" does not capture the sense of audibility as well as "ALOUD" does, and "LOUDLY" is an adverb rather than an adjective.

In summary, the answer "ALOUD" for the clue "At an audible volume" is a precise fit and accurately captures the intended meaning of the clue.

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Definition of "ALOUD"

audibly; not silently or in a whisper

Example :
  • he read the letter aloud
  • he wept aloud

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    The Times Concise29 January 2024ALOUD

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