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Interesting as always! The "Star Tribune" crossword puzzles are a good brainstorming game. But, if you want to find the solutions to the puzzle quickly, we are here to help you out with the given clue (Assembled).

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Assembled" and the answer is "MET". The word "met" is a past tense form of the verb "meet". It is commonly used to describe the act of coming together or gathering with other people. In the context of the crossword puzzle clue, "assembled" indicates that something or someone is brought together or gathered.

Here are a few reasons why the answer "MET" fits the clue:

  1. Meeting of People: When people assemble or come together, they meet. The word "met" perfectly describes this action.
  2. Building or Construction: The term "assembled" can also refer to the process of putting together various parts to create something. For example, when pieces of furniture are put together, they are assembled. In this case, "met" can describe the act of joining or connecting different components.
  3. Gathering for a Purpose: "Assembled" can imply a purposeful gathering or gathering for a specific reason. When people come together for a meeting, event, or any organized activity, they can be said to have "met" in that context.

In conclusion, the clue "Assembled" in today's crossword puzzle is fittingly answered by the word "MET". It accurately represents the act of gathering, joining, or coming together, whether it be for interpersonal interactions, construction processes, or organized gatherings.

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More Answers:

  • MET
  • MADE
  • SAT

Definition of "MET"


Example :
  • a Met report
  • the Met county abolition

  •  The Crossword clue "Assembled" published 129 time/s & has 11 answer/s. 
    Star Tribune12 June 2024MET
    Lovatts Universal18 May 2024GATHERED
    Penny dell12 May 2024MET
    Mirror quick22 April 2024MET
    Wall Street Journal6 March 2024MET
    Daily Quick4 December 2023MASSED
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