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Today is 29 March 2024 and we are bringing to you a great solution from The Guardian Quick crossword.
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "As pasta should be" leads us to the answer "ALDENTE." Let's explore why this answer perfectly fits the clue:

  1. Texture: Pasta cooked AL DENTE is firm to the bite. This texture is precisely how pasta should be cooked, neither too soft nor too hard.
  2. Italian Origin: The term "AL DENTE" originates from Italian and directly translates to "to the tooth." It describes the ideal doneness of pasta where there is a slight resistance when bitten into.
  3. Culinary Standard: In the culinary world, achieving an AL DENTE texture is a mark of cooking excellence. It showcases precision and skill in pasta preparation.
  4. Flavor Preservation: Cooking pasta to AL DENTE ensures that the pasta retains its flavor profiles and complements sauces better, making it an essential aspect of pasta perfection.

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The Guardian Quick29 March 2024ALDENTE

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