Approve of Irish descendant of Mrs Corleone? Crossword Clue - Cryptic4 April 2024
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Approve of Irish descendant of Mrs. Corleone?" leads us to the answer "OKAY." Let's break down the connection:

  • Approve: In this context, "approve" is synonymous with giving consent or showing agreement.
  • Irish descendant: This suggests a person who is of Irish descent, meaning their family originally comes from Ireland.
  • Mrs. Corleone: Mrs. Corleone refers to a character from "The Godfather" movie series, where the Corleone family holds significant importance.

Putting these elements together, we see that "OKAY" is a play on words. The pronunciation of "OKAY" sounds similar to "O'K," a common prefix in Irish surnames, which is the clue's hint at the Irish connection. Additionally, in the context of the Corleone family, the term "OKAY" could be interpreted as a casual approval or acceptance, making it a clever and fitting answer to the clue.

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 The Crossword clue "Approve of Irish descendant of Mrs Corleone?" published 1 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
CrosswordDateAnswer - Cryptic4 April 2024OKAY

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