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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Andes animal" and the answer is "LLAMA". Let's explore why this clue leads us to the answer "LLAMA".

1. Geography Connection: The Andes is a mountain range in South America, stretching along the western coast. The LLAMA is a domesticated animal originally found in the Andes region. Therefore, the clue "Andes animal" is a direct reference to the LLAMA's geographical association.

2. Unique Characteristics: LLAMAs are known for their distinct appearance and features. They have long necks and legs, a slender body, and are covered in thick fur. Additionally, they are equipped with soft padded feet, making them well-adapted to treacherous terrains such as the mountains in the Andes. These unique characteristics make LLAMAs the ideal animal choice for the clue "Andes animal".

3. Cultural Significance: LLAMAs have played a significant role in Andean cultures for centuries. They have been domesticated for transportation, wool production, and even as pack animals for carrying goods over long distances. Their presence and importance in Andean culture further solidify the connection between the clue "Andes animal" and the answer "LLAMA".

In conclusion, the clue "Andes animal" refers to the LLAMA because of its geographic association with the Andes, its unique physical characteristics, and its cultural significance in the region. By considering these factors, we can confidently say that "LLAMA" is indeed the correct answer for today's crossword puzzle clue.

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Definition of "LLAMA"

a domesticated pack animal of the camel family found in the Andes, valued for its soft woolly fleece.

 The Crossword clue "Andes animal" published 49 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Crossword Champ Pro6 April 2024LLAMA
Star Tribune4 April 2024LLAMA
L.A. Times Daily3 November 2022LLAMA
Penny dell25 February 2019LLAMA
The Washington Post2 May 2017LLAMA
New York Times10 June 2013LLAMA
Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate5 March 2012LLAMA
Newsday.com19 September 2010LLAMA
The Telegraph - Quick18 February 2010LLAMA
USA Today12 July 2004LLAMA

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