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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Ancient harp" and the answer for this clue today is "LYRE". In this paragraph, we will explore why the answer "LYRE" is the correct choice for the given clue.

1. An ancient instrument: The clue "Ancient harp" indicates that we are looking for an old musical instrument. The term "ancient" suggests that the instrument has been around for a long time. The answer "LYRE" fits this description perfectly. The lyre is an ancient stringed instrument that dates back to ancient Greece and has been used throughout history in various cultures.

2. Harp-like characteristics: The word "harp" in the clue points us towards an instrument with similar features or functions. The lyre, although not exactly the same as a harp, shares some similarities. It is a stringed instrument that is played by plucking the strings, just like a harp. The answer "LYRE" reflects this connection between the clues and the instrument.

3. Crossword puzzle conventions: In crossword puzzles, it's important to consider the length of the answer. The word "LYRE" fits perfectly within the available space for the clue. It has four characters, which matches the number of empty squares provided. This further confirms that "LYRE" is the correct solution.

4. Common crossword answer: The word "LYRE" is a known crossword answer for the clue "Ancient harp." Crossword enthusiasts are familiar with this commonly used answer for similar clues related to ancient musical instruments. The repetitive appearance of "LYRE" in crossword puzzles strengthens its validity as the correct answer.

Based on the context of the clue, the presence of harp-like features in the answer, adherence to crossword puzzle conventions, and the familiarity of "LYRE" as a crossword solution, we can conclude that "LYRE" is the most suitable answer for the clue "Ancient harp."

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Definition of "LYRE"

a stringed instrument like a small U-shaped harp with strings fixed to a crossbar, used especially in ancient Greece. Modern instruments of this type are found mainly in East Africa.

 The Crossword clue "Ancient harp" published 29 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Penny dell4 May 2024LYRE
Lovatts Universal29 April 2024LYRE
Lovatts Enigma4 February 2023LYRE
Newsday.com4 February 2015LYRE
New York Times21 June 2005LYRE
Universal8 February 2004LYRE

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